CRedRidingHoodKIngdom - kópia (2)

fanart by moishpain


"Their room had a perfect view of Red Riding Hood's castle. It was somewhere near the shoe's tongue, because a set of laces crossed through one of their walls. The room also had a working bathtub."[1]

The Shoe Inn is a boot of gigantic proportions turned into a working hotel. It is located in the only town of The Red Riding Hood Kingdom and has a view on the castle. It is run by the Little Old Woman.

Alex and Conner stay there for one night during their first visit to the Red Riding Hood Kingdom in The Wishing Spell.


The name 'Shoe Inn' is both a pun to the expression "shoo in", a certain and easy winner, and an allusion to the nursery rhyme about the Little Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe. 


  1. TLOS I, ch 10, p. 222

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