Part of the Wand of Wonderment. For more about the character, please see The Singing Harp / Harper (Character).


In The Enchantress Returns, Alex and Conner must assemble the Wand of Wonderment in order to defeat the Evil Enchantress. The Wand of Wonderment is made out of the six most prized posessions of the six most hated people in the world; one of which is the Giant from the Beanstalk.

The twins climb up the Beanstalk to the Giant's castle without knowing what his most prized posession is. Inside, the castle is decorated with harp-inspired artwork - and so Alex and Conner realize that the giant's most prized posession is the golden harp Jack took.

The singing harp used to be a person - she was changed into an instrument by Ezmia. After the Enchantress visits her to gloat and to taunt her, she realizes Ezmia needs to be stopped and that the only way is to sacrifice herself and become a part of the Wand of Wonderment.[1]


  1. TLOS II, ch 22, p. 423

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