"After the curse was broken on the Sleeping Kingdom, all the thornbush and shrubbery that had grown wild around the kingdom was cleared out and dumped into a large and deep pit."[1]

"It was a frightening sight. It was extremely wide and incredibly deep and filled to the top with plants, some dead and some alive. The vines and thornbush moved around like thousand of snakes; the pit was alive and hungry. Ruins of an old castle sat on the edge of the pit, consisting of nothing but a few walls and a stony staircase that led to nowhere."[2]


On the border of the Sleeping Kingdom. A wasteland, used to drop off unwanted things. Cursed by Ezmia to ensnare and trap everything that comes close to it, so she would not be disturbed living in Hagatha's Hut while she plotted her revenge on the world.[3]

Alex and Conner climb in to search for the Little Mermaid's Dagger. They are protected by magical necklaces given to them by the Seafoam Spirit. When Conner loses his, Froggy rescues them from the pit.


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