The Three Witches are original characters from the Land of Stories series, though they bear similarities with the Weird Sisters from Shakespeare's MacBeth[1]; three women with a sinister appearance who prophesy the future. They arrive at Alex' Inauguration Ball without an invitation, and give the fairies a prophecy about the coming of the Grande Armée.

Appearance and Personality

"Each wore a long, ragged cloak, and they all smelled foul. One with had cat eyes and twigs for hair, another was missing an eye but had two large noses, and the third had skin so loose, it appeared to be melting off her face like wax. They cackled loudly at the fairies cowering away from them."[2]

The witches call their warning prophecy a "gift", and seem to delight in interrupting the Ball with their appearance.


"Fairies, listen well, for there is truth in the sights we foretell. 'Happily ever after' will not last, when it's greeted by a threat from the past. One by one, the kingdoms will fall apart, from battles they'll lose and wars they'll start. Fairy blood will be spilt by the gallons, when you face the army of thousands."[3]


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