When Alex makes the decision to stay in the Land of stories at the end of The Enchantress Returns, the Fairy Godmother waves her wand and two long, square mirrors with a golden frame appear. They are magic mirrors for communicating between worlds.[1]

It is activated by touching it; a shimmering glow will appear.[2]


In A Grimm Warning, Alex and Conner use the mirrors to catch up and talk about their daily lives. When Conner travels to Europe, he breaks off a small piece of the mirror to take with him so he can still contact Alex.

"Alex broke off a piece of her own mirror- it was a smaller and neater piece than her brother's but neither commented on that."[3]

When Alex does not react to her brother's attempts to contact her, Conner eventually reaches Mother Goose through the mirror and tells her what he has learned from the Brothers Grimm's third fairy tale.[4]


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