"Had the twins not known any better they would have thought the house was abandoned. The house sat on the top of a tall hill and was in desperate need of repair. It was very dark, with tall windows, a steeple, and pointed gables. All the windows needed to be washed and most ofthem were broken. Half of the steps leading to the front door had caved in. Everything on the property was either dead or overgrown. The entire estate was surrounded by a tall iron fence. Two suited guards patrolled the only entrance at the front." [1]

"A large staircase curved up and above them. The entire house was an absolute mess. The floors were dirty, the windows were dusty, and a foul odor lingered in the air. The twins wondered if Cinderella had been the last person to clean the house. […] The sitting room had blue walls and white seats. It would have looked like a bright blue sky had it not been covered in a thick layer of grime; as it was, it resembled an overcast day." [2]


Home of the Wicked Stepmother and her two daughters Petunia and Rosemary, in the Charming Kingdom. Former home of Queen Cinderella. Cinderella arranged for the estate to be protected from malicious tourists and vandals.


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