The Witch of Papplenick is an original character from the Land of Stories series, placed in the Robin Hood "book". She appears in Beyond the Kingdoms.

Appearance and Personality

The Witch's real name is Maudlin. She lives in a tower of Nottingham Castle with her pets and is the Sheriff of Nottingham's confidante and "Auntie".

She is described by Friar Tuck as "a horrid woman" who "has danced with the devil". Alan-A-Dale sings a sing about her, claiming she curses his enemies and uses devlish concoctions to heal the sheriff.[1]

Both Merry Men are proven wrong, as it turns out that Maudlin isn't a witch at all, but a pharmacist. She merely brews a medieval version of an Asprin for the Sheriff and tucks him into bed after giving him a peptalk. Conner is very disappointed to find out she doesn't know any real magic, as he was hoping for her help with the Portal Potion.


In the Otherworld, there is no such place as "Papplenick". There is, however, a parish of "Papplewick" in Nottinghamshire, 7.5 miles of Nottingham, England. According to legend, Alan-A-Dale was burried here. It is unknown if the author used this name as inspiration for the character.


  1. TLOS IV, ch 25, p. 350

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