Woodland villains


The Woodland Villains are original characters from The Land of Stories series, though their characteristics are reminiscent of the classical animal fables. They are outlawed talking animals who meet in the Dwarf Forests to discuss joining the Enchantress.

Appearance and Personality

They are a fox, a badger, a raven and a bear. The fox has called their meeting. The badger seems on edge during their conversation, the raven is moody and the bear impatient. The fifth participant is quiet and cloaked - the twins later find out he is Froggy, back in his frog shape, undercover to spy on the outlaws.


"The bear growled restlessly."We're already castaways- what more can they do to us?" he said. "If the world is changing, why not change with it? Especially if there's something in it for us."[1]


  1. TLOS II, ch 9, p. 134

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