Toto is a fictional character from the Oz Books by L. Frank Baum[1]. He is Dorothy Gale's dog, and appears briefly in Beyond the Kingdoms, chapter 12. He is swept up by the same cyclone that takes Dorothy to the Land of Oz.

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Appearance and Personality

"A little girl appeared behind the screen door. She was adorable and wore pigtails and a dainty dress. She held her scruffy little dog in her arms and lovingly stroked his fur."[2]

Conner, Alex, Jack, Goldilocks, Mother Goose, Red, and Lester go inside the Oz book and meet Dorothy, Toto, Uncle Henry and Auntie Em there.

When the cyclone hits, Auntie Em tells Dorothy to go to the storm cellar, but Toto runs off to hide under her bed and Dorothy goes to fetch him instead. They are transported to the Land of Oz. The twins and their friends are still outside and end up in another part of Oz. They do not come across Dorothy and Toto there.


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