Trix is an original character from The Land of Stories series. She first appears in The Wishing Spell, ch 12. She is a fairy from the Fairy Kingdom, up for trial for using magic on another fairy. She was being teased for her size and turned the other fairy's wings into prune leaves. Alex and Conner collect one of her tears for the Wishing Spell, but also defend her case against the Fairy Council.

Trix returns in Beyond the Kingdoms to help Conner find Alex and the Masked Man.

Appearance and Personality

"She was only a few inches tall and had big, blue wings similar to a butterfly's. She had dark hair and a purple dress made of leaves and shoes made out of flower buds."[1]

Trix tells Alex and Conner she is very afraid of being banished from the Fairy Kingdom, because she hates being alone and doesn't have many friends to begin with. She lives in a tiny house in the Fairy Kingdom.

After Conner defends her against the Fairy Council, she is pardoned.[2]

In Beyond the Kingdoms, Trix returns with 2 other fairies, Merkle and Noodle. They tell Conner they witnessed the "ungodmothering" of Alex, and Trix says she wanted to return the favor and help her. They bring Conner the Fairy Godmother's notebook that holds the recipe for the Portal Potion.[3] After the Masked Man brings his army of literary villains to the Land of Stories, Merkle and Noodle, who were listening in on the Fairy Council again with Trix, are turned to stone just like the Council members. Trix closed her eyes and managed to escape the spell. Conner tells her to hide in the forest until it is safe.[4]


"We've never missed a Fairy Council meeting - it gives us something to talk to the other fairies about."[5]


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