The Dwarf Forests

The dwarf forests

After the Dragon Age, the Land of Stories went into the Age of Magic and the world was divided into kingdoms. One area was apparently not ‘claimed’ by any of the royal fairy tale families: the Dwarf Forests. Why was that?

Froggy describes it as a dangerous place full of criminals and fugitives. At least 3 witches live(d) there (and the sneak preview from tlos4 mentions a lot more witches..!). Ezmia persuades the woodland villains from the forest to join her, and General Marquis musters for his army from the forest. The dwarfs seem friendly enough (?).

Were the royals afraid to claim the territory? Or is there a ruling order we don’t know about?

Will we learn more in Beyond the Kingdoms? :)

Discuss your theories with fellow tlos fans!

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