Willow Grove is a small (fictional) city in Connecticut, USA. It is the home of Cornelia Grimm and the Sisters Grimm. They live on Mystic Lane 1729.

It is described as a "small and quiet" city, with rolling hills of green trees all around.[1] Cornelia's house is "a little way out of town".


In Beyond the Kingdoms, Bree has developed a theory that she and Emmerich must have magical blood and may be descendants of Wilhelm Grimm, and a stack of letters between her grandmother and a woman called Cornelia Grimm, apparently her grandmother's cousin, strengthens this suspicion. Bree goes to find Cornelia. She finds out her theory was correct, and she learns about the Sisters Grimm, a society of women who monitor the portals between their world and the Land of Stories.


  1. TLOS IV, ch 27, p 372

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