"Wonderland is a place of trickery and confusion," Alex said. "Nothing makes sense and nothing is as it seems. [..] Don't trust a word anyone says, no matter how friendly they seem. Wonderland will drive you mad if you aren't careful."[1]

Type -
Rulers The Queen of Hearts
Founder -
Population -
Institutions -
Neighbors -


Wonderland is a fictional world from the stories of Lewis Caroll.

In Beyond the Kingdoms, Alex, Conner, Mother Goose, Lester, Peter Pan, and the Tin Woodman travel into the story, Alice in Wonderland, using the Portal Potion and down the rabbit hole into Wonderland in pursuit of the Masked Man.

They go through an entry hall and enter a garden -- Wonderland. It is described as 'bright and colorful', like a painting.

"Everything was oddly proportioned, as if the world was filled with abstract pieces of art. Everything moved slightly, too, as if it were swaying in a breeze, but there was no wind."[2]

Notable Places

Notable Characters


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